Gift Voucher

Minimum Voucher Amount: $ 45.00

julie’s place Gift Vouchers are supplied by email – once you have chosen the amount you want on the voucher and been through the checkout process the voucher is then emailed as a PDF.

• Gift vouchers are valid for 36 months from date of purchase.

Option 1. Sending the voucher directly to the recipient (email)

To send the voucher directly to the recipient (by email) simply provide their name and email address – plus any message you wish to include  – in the yellow section of the checkout.  The voucher will then be emailed directly to the email address supplied – with the name and message supplied in the checkout.

Option 2. Receiving the voucher yourself – to print out / resend 

To receive the voucher yourself and print it out and supply it at a later date fill out the recipient’s name (and include a message) in the yellow section of the checkout but provide your own email address – rather than the recipient’s – and the voucher will come directly to you.  You can then print it out – or re-email it – depending on when you want to give the voucher to the recipient.

Note: If you do not fill out  the recipient details section (yellow) in the checkout then the voucher will be emailed to the email address you supply as the buyer and will include your name (as supplied in purchaser details)

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Gift vouchers are valid for 36 months from date of purchase.

Store Credit: The vouchers can be used to pay for classes and event tickets – or any other items in the online shop – the total on the voucher is effectively store credit.  If you do not spend your whole voucher on a purchase then you can simple reapply the voucher no. on subsequent purchases until the credit on the voucher is used up.  If your voucher credit does not cover your purchase then you can simply pay the difference by credit card (via PayPal) in the checkout.

Refunds:  julie’s place Gift Vouchers cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash – see booking and cooking class terms & conditions



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